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"The New Scientific Angling - Trout and Ultraviolet Vision"
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You and a friend are casting to rising trout on a quiet pool. Your friend is catching them, you are not. Both your flies look the same in size, pattern, and color, but his uses a different dubbing for the body. The trout are wary and looking for a key invisible to you, an ultraviolet reflection from the fly's body. Your friend's fly displays that UV marking.

In "The New Scientific Angling" we learn that trout see in the near ultraviolet range, as well as our visible spectrum, and what that signifies to the fly fisherman. Using UVA Reflection photography, the author offers views of a trout's world otherwise completely invisible to us.

Examining baitfish, natural flies, artificial flies, and tying materials as a trout sees them in the Ultraviolet, this original research answers longstanding questions about flies, fishing, and the ways of trout. Filled with visible light and UV reflectance photos, as well as line drawings by Eric Reaves and insightful, if not illuminating, comments by Overmywaders, The New Scientific Angling brings a new world of light to life.